Sunday, April 24, 2005

Moving To Improve ?

Are you leaving behind your old life to literally rebuild a new one somewhere else? If so, would you like to star in a TV show?...
A leading television company is looking for people who are about to start a major property renovation in a beautiful location. It could be a Suffolk cottage, a bungalow by the beach, or maybe a village mansion; whatever your revamp plans, they want to hear them.
Considering that moving house is way up there on the Most Stressful Things list, moving away to a property that's not yet completed would be a move too far for most people.
Anyone ambitious enough to undertake this sort of adventure surely wouldn't object to the added excitement of being followed by a camera crew?
If you'd be willing to have your renovation project recorded for posterity and have already found your dream dwelling and destination, give Katie a call on 0207 985 7045 or email her at

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