Friday, April 15, 2005

We'll scrap HIPs, Claim Conservatives

We'll Scrap HIPs, Claim Conservatives

14 Apr 2005 News Item

The Tory party have vowed to do away with controversial Home Information Packs (HIPs) if they win the General Election this year...
The promise was made by John Hayes MP, Shadow Minister for Housing and Planning, at the National Association of Estate Agents' National Congress last week.
Mr Hayes said: "A Conservative government would scrap this scheme immediately. We would cut red tape for people wanting to sell their homes, and we would put to rest once and for all the idea of Home information Packs.
Chief Executive of the NAEA, Peter Bolton King, comments: "The Conservative party has made a bold srep in promising to scrap the unsatisfactory proposals for HIPs.
"This promise will strike a chord with many estate agents who, whilst accepting that there is a need to improve the system, are unhappy at the way the government is planning to reform the house buying and selling process.
"Tony Blair and his colleagues should not underestimate the strength of feeling amongst many UK estate agents on these plans."
Under the Labour government HIPs are set to become mandatory from 2007, meaning that anyone selling their home will have to put an information pack together before they can open their doors to potential buyers.
Property professionals have previously raised all sorts of doubts over the packs - about their cost, the impact they'll have on the market, and the inclusion of a controversial new survey, the Home Condition Report (HCR).

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