Saturday, May 28, 2005

First time buyers get TV opportunity

BBC Needs First-Time Buyers

A new BBC series is set to become the Blind Date of the Property Market by matching people and properties...
Due to the soaring house prices of the last few years, it's become much harder for young people to get a foot onto the property ladder; so much so that the current average age for a first-time buyer is 34.
As more and more people struggle to afford their first home, mortgage lenders have had to come up with some innovative ways to assist. One of the most popular is sharing to buy, where up to four people club together in order to buy a house.
That's where the BBC comes in, with a new, peak-time series called "Come Buy With Me" which plans to examine this phenomena and add a little spin on the top: they're aiming to set up potential co-owners, and then match them to their ideal home.
It's a fabulous opportunity for anyone who's willing to share to buy, but hasn't yet found their perfect partner. Ideally, the BBC are looking for people that have a decent salary and their own deposit, or first-time buyers who are eligible for the key workers scheme.
North London, Birmingham and Cambridge Most of the ten slots have already been filled by suitable buyers across the country. The last few spaces are in North London market, Birmingham and Cambridge, so if any of those are your area of choice, why not give the Beeb a call? The number is 0207 013 4586, or you can email
What's InvolvedThe show will select and match up suitable property partners and properties in the North London area. The main buyer who cannot afford to buy on his/her own will meet three potential co-buyers, all of who will have been carefully selected.
The main buyer will meet all three people who are in financially similar situations, (looking to buy in the same area, similar property and style ideas,) for a day each and then choose their preferred co-buyer.
Finally, property finder Sarah Van der Noot will find and shortlist a range of properties based upon the personal specifications of each of the co-buyers. From this shortlist the co-buyers will choose which property they wish to purchase.
Once they move in they will have the chance to put their own stamp of style on their new home. The programme will then ask them to renovate and make over one of their communal spaces (sitting room, kitchen, bathroom or hall).
What The BBC Will Give You:
(The actual process of purchasing a property is made much easier by a team of experts at hand to cover the buying costs and to guide them through the un-chartered territory of the property market!)
An expert property finder to help you find the property that is right for you
A financial expert who will find the best deal on a mortgage for each individual co-buying purchase
A solicitor to carry out the conveyancing and draw up a deed of trust between the co-buyers
They will also cover the cost of the surveyor's fees - an integral part of buying a property
For further details, call Lulu on 0207 013 4586 or email her at


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