Monday, May 02, 2005

Goodbye to the Cowboys

Farewell To The Cowboys

It seems that the dodgy tradesmen who struck fear into the hearts of homeowners countrywide could be becoming a thing of the past...
We've all seen undercover programmes like Rogue Traders on TV and watched aghast as reprobate builders purposefully damaged peoples' properties in order to demand extra money to fix them, or charged exorbitant sums of money for completely botched jobs.
Another common tale of woe featured the workman who spent more time on tea breaks than on repairs, or whose idea of a full day's work was turning up at some unearthly hour, only to finish his labour by eleven in the morning, thereby necessitating his return for a second or third day.
Gone for Good?These horror stories may turn out to be a yarn of yesteryear, however, if survey results from Skipton Building Society are to be believed. They recently compiled a Tradesman Index and found that 63 per cent of Britons who had used a tradesman in the last three years were very satisfied with the work carried out, giving their hired help the highest score on the satisfaction scale.
Fifty-nine per cent of people reported that their tradesman always cleaned up after themselves and 68 per cent claimed that their home improvement project was a stress free experience.

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