Wednesday, May 04, 2005

How confident are you?

Consumer Confidence Steady In April

The Nationwide Consumer Confidence report for April shows a slight rise in confidence levels, as people adopt a "wait and see" approach regarding the imminent election...
Confidence was up across a range of indicators, according to Nationwide, and down in only one - household income. These were:
Current UK Economic Situation: confidence rose by 3 percentage points
Economic outlook in 6 months: confidence rose by 2 percentage points
Current employment situation: confidence rose by 6 percentage points
Employment prospects in 6 months: confidence rose by 4 percentage points
Spending confidence - major purchase (eg house/car): confidence rose by 5 percentage points
Spending confidence - household purchase (eg white/brown goods): confidence rose by 1 percentage point
Household income in 6 months: confidence fell by 3 percentage points
Confidence Stable

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