Friday, May 20, 2005

Suffolk Estate Agent Declares Price War on Tesco

Todd Lewis, founder of Bychoice Estate Agents in Suffolk, is facing up to Tesco’s decision to sell houses for £50 by declaring a price war on the super market leaders.
From tomorrow, Mr Lewis is selling baked beans from his shop on 6 King Street, Sudbury for just 3p a tin.

Mr Lewis denies he’s lost his sense of proportion and says he’s just making a point, “You don’t go to an estate agent to buy beans, that’s not what we’re good at – why would you go to a supermarket to sell you home?”

“Tesco’s have presented this new offer as if they were going to replace estate agents – but it doesn’t take long to realise that homeowners rely on much more than simply an advertising service.”

“Good estate agents help you to price your property in the market at the right level, they polish the presentation of your property, advise you on how to make it more welcoming to visitors, produce regular advertising in the local papers and these days on the internet and then on top of all that, they help to mediate between the buyer’s offer and the seller’s aspirations.”

“Tesco is not going to that for you – and we’re probably not going to make any money selling beans,” says Mr Lewis. “In fact, we’re only going to sell our present stock at this ridiculous price and then we’ll give the money we make away to charity. I challenge Tesco’s to do that – they might as well for what service they’re going to offer!”

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