Thursday, May 26, 2005

Top Tips for buying abroad

1. Do your research. Attend exhibitions organised and attended by companies based in your area of interest, and pick up some expert advice. Read up on the buying process and the area.

2. Visit the area and talk to people who already own property there. You'll get a better understanding of the lifestyle and general practicalities.

3. Find an established, reputable agent recommended by friends or people who know the market.

4. Ask questions: any good agent will be happy to answer them. You need to be sure that all your concerns are laid to rest before making an important decision.

5. Be clear about what you want. Make a list of what you would like from your property and be clear on what your requirements are.

6. Trust your instincts. You'll know when someone is trying to push you into something but you'll also know when you've found the right place.

7. Don't rush into anything, but don't hesitate when you find somewhere you like. You don't want to lose out to someone who is willing to make the decision.

8. Take good financial advice as soon as possible. Any decent agent will have independent partners that they can recommend to you.

9. Look for an agent with after-care service. Setting up home abroad can be stressful, especially if you don't speak the language, and they should be available after the sale to help you with anything you need.

10. Enjoy the process! Forget your experiences of house-hunting in the UK - property viewing trips Hot Weekends and exhibitions like the Best of Southern Spain can be a really fun experience!

Don't forget the Bychoice Spanish property Exhibition at Sudbury and Long Melford from 11am-4pm on Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday.

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