Saturday, June 11, 2005

Is your property your pension?

Only three per cent of investors are willing to rely on their pension for security, instead favouring their property to provide future wealth...
Despite what Nationwide recently described as a flat housing market, buy-to-let investors' confidence is high with 75 per cent intending to gain their financial security from their investments and 12 per cent relying on their own home.
When questioned about the property market, almost 50 per cent of serious investors said they believed it would remain stable over the next twelve months, with 22 per cent predicting a moderate rise.
Encouraging news for anyone interested in buying-to-let, especially with next year's legal changes regarding Self-Invested Personal Pensions, which will make it possible to invest pension funds in buy-to-let property both here and overseas.
The above research was commissioned by The Property Investor and Homebuyer Show North which is taking place at G-MEX in Manchester from the 24 - 26 June, and will feature exhibitors specialising in buy-to-let.
Nick Clark, Managing Director of the show, says: "The results may surprise many who have recently heard negative stories regarding residential buy-to-let.
"However it highlights how serious investors still strongly believe in the future returns of property both commercial and residential, compared with other forms of investments."
A Surge AheadStuart Law, Managing Director of property investment specialists Assetz who will be exhibiting at the show, comments: "Bricks and mortar is seen by the majority as a favourable alternative to pensions and shares, which have proved a risky option in recent years when heavy losses have been suffered on the stock market.
"Freedom to purchase residential property as part of a self-invest pension is likely to have a direct effect on the property market in advance of 'A' Day. We expect to see a surge in buy-to-let investments, and are already witnessing an increase in investment in commercial property which is ripe for conversion to residential, in time for the rule changes."


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